our cheeks are nice and rosy and –

Oh man, it has not been that long since I posted. Oops.

So anyway, after that last entry full of good intentions and plans for Christmas knitting and resolve to work on my sweater, I sat down with my friend D- for coffee. And D- is a really swell guy, but sometimes his head gets cold, so he said to me: could you knit me a hat?

We have been friends for seven years. I said yes.


(This is the best picture of the hat I have, and it’s no longer mine to to photograph. I have this problem with things I knit for gifts. Anyway, it’s made of Dream in Color Classy, half from stash and half bought fresh. I used Jared Flood‘s Turn A Square pattern.)

Okay, but here is the thing. D- has a roommate, and he is also my friend. We’ll call him, I don’t know, B-. I couldn’t knit something for one without offering to knit something for the other, obviously, so I’m also making a scarf. In the same yarn.


(I’m trying my hardest not to go all Mrs. Weasley and accidentally give them matching winter wear. It’s going well so far.)

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    Allyson 1 December, 2009

    Please do go Mrs Weasley! That might be the only reason I want kids. So they can all have matching but oh so slightly different winter clothes.

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