can’t wait to tell my friends, they don’t have a stockinette blob this big

Since my last entry, I’ve gone on vacation (awesome!) and spent a few days dealing with a pretty nasty cold (less awesome). This has been excellent for the knitting that I’ve got on the go, but considerably less helpful for my spinning.

Spintober is slowly moving along, but it looks like I may have to go into Spinvember to get this bag finished.


This is bobbin 6, which. . .has a lot more on it than it did at my last check-in, but there’s still a substantial amount left to go.

On the other hand – I started a sweater. I wanted to make something for the indigodragonfly sweater KAL, and I fell in love with this sweater pattern.

Last time I blogged, I’d done so little that it didn’t seem worth mentioning. I figured progress would be slow, since it’s a sweater made out of fingering-weight yarn (Merino Sock, in “Also, I Can Kill You With My Brain”) on 3mm needles.

plain and simple

Two plane rides and a lot of tea and television later, it’s a little bigger.


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    erin kate 29 October, 2011

    Wow, it’s lovely! And it must have taken so long on such a fine gauge, you made impressive progress!

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