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Day Fourteen: Where You Craft

I am so, so tempted to pretend that I am one of those people who has a clean house, and is organized, and always crafts in a sweetly-decorated, clutter-free space, like this.


Unfortunately, some of you have actually been to my apartment, where it’s totally obvious that the place I really craft is here.

Day Fourteen: Where You Craft

Before you ask/sorry mom, my desk is always that messy. Usually the project to the left of the computer is knitting; the day I took my photos I was working on embroidery transfers instead.

I tend to craft next to my computer both because I’m a huge nerd, and also because I love to watch movies and TV, especially while I knit (currently on rotation: Warehouse 13, The New Girl, and Xena), and my desktop serves as my television and DVD player most of the time.

I actually really love this photo prompt – I think “where you craft” is a really interesting question to ask people, and I’d be curious to know what the answer is for a lot of my friends.

Day Fifteen: A New Skill

Day Fifteen: A New Skill

I’ve been looking for a way to take up embroidery for a while, now, and while I was traveling, I stopped in at a craft shop and found exactly what I needed to get excited about it: days-of-the-week iron-on transfers.

I bought the transfers and fabric to sew my own tea towels, because clearly it is very, very important that I have one for every day of the week, with a jolly squirrel doing chores on it.


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    Rebecca 17 February, 2012

    Word to the clutter (& the streaming video accompaniment). I usually clear off like a 20×20″ section of coffee table to take pictures of small craft things because I am a little embarrassed about all the books/computer stuff/empty coffee mugs/detritus that accumulates in my crafting zone. Your space looks very functional!

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    cauchy09 22 February, 2012

    oh, yes. i’m a cluttered soul. i actually go a bit batty in an organized space.

    and good luck with that squirrel! looks like a cutie.

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