steeking & holidaying


Remember my Plum Frost sweater?


I cut it up this week.


It’s been sitting, nearly-bound-off in my living room for a few weeks – I kept putting off the neck ribbing and steek because I felt like it was a step that required focus and a well-rested head.

This week I finished those last twelve rows, crocheted the steeks (using this tutorial, as well as the excellent instructions in the pattern), and cut up my knitting.



I’ve done this for a previous sweater, a few years ago, so I knew enough to trust the crocheting and trust the process – it’s a surprisingly thrilling finishing step.

I do admit, though, to a bit of nervousness over cutting through my yoke. If only because it’s so pretty and I’m so proud of my tension and having made it through that much stranded knitting.


Still, I made it through. And now my cardigan is actually a cardigan, and I’m picking up for the button bands.

I’m probably not going to have this sweater finished until after the holidays – I’m going home for Christmas, and I don’t think that lugging this sweater plus all the extra notions I’ll need is the best idea.

I’ve got some other knitting and crafting planned to hold me over until I get back, though. I’ll see you all in the new year.




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