thursday catch-up.

These are all things I’ve started in the last month and a half or so, while I’ve been crazy busy with work. I’ve been keeping up with making things, mostly, but I just haven’t been able to keep up with discussing them here. I thought I’d share a little bit about everything in list form, and then I can talk about them a bit more in the next few weeks as things slow down.

Germinate - progress

Saco Stripes in progress

Rock Star socks


  • My Germinate shawl. I’m actually making lots of progress on this. The lace sections are pretty involved, but the stripe repeats take a good few hours and are super mindless, so when I’m on a stripe section this makes for a great portable project. I even knit on it in the movie theatre while I went to see the new X-Men movie!
  • I started working on a linen tank for summer. It’s a really practical, flowy, A-line tank that I think I’ll wear a lot – sort of the knitted equivalent of the Wiksten Tank, and I have a whole batch of those that I wear pretty regularly.
  • My latest pair of STR socks, in this truly epic colourway called Rock Star. They are so pink they hurt the eyes a little, and it’s fantastic. I’ve just started in on sock #2.


  • My Sheep 2 Shoe Kit, first of all. I want to get it done and off the wheel, and then I think I’ll work on a few worsted-weight spins to keep myself from getting tired. I celebrated my birthday last week, and celebrated with a few new fibre stash additions.

Woodland Sampler

Halloween Town Supplies

Cross Stitch

  • I am working away on my Woodland Sampler, which I started in January. I’ve been doing the square for each month as the year passes, and keeping up okay. I’m trying to stitch ahead this month so that I can spend the summer working on that company’s new Halloween sampler. I did not know I desperately needed to cross stitch a tiny town of Halloween-themed monsters, but it is the most insanely adorable sampler idea.

Swoon in progress


  • I started cutting out Swoon blocks from stash while I was in serious study crunch mode – turns out I have enough fat quarters in my stash to do a whole Swoon quilt! I did have to buy new fabric to use as background fabric for the top, and I’ll need to buy fabric and batting to make the quilt, but this clears out a huuuge chunk of my FQ stash. I’ve already made five blocks (of nine), and have cut fabric for two more.
  • I don’t talk about garment sewing much, but I’ve been making dresses and tanks and really enjoying it. I’ve got fabric set aside for a couple of summer dresses, and I really want this year to be the one where I learn to sew my own shorts.

Anyway. That’s the WIP ‘basket,’ as things stand. Hopefully this will make it a bit easier to keep blogging about things as I finish them.

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