whoops, more spinning.

I’m working on putting together a post about all the things I’ve been making for the past couple of months, because there’s a fair number of things. But in the meantime, I can at least tell you about my latest spinning project.

A while ago, I ordered a Sheep 2 Shoe Kit from BMFA. (The colourway I chose is called “Antiquated System,” it’s a gorgeous foresty green-blue with lots of rust tones.) This is 8.5 oz of superwash merino fiber, which is a lot – way more than I’d ever need to spin for a pair of socks. So I decided to do a bit of a spinning experiment.

BMFA Sheep 2 Shoe

I split the fiber in half – two lots of approximately 120g, which is a little over 4 oz. I’m spinning both halves to make fingering-weight yarn, but in different ways. The dyeing in this fiber is really short runs of colour, and I wanted to see if it would work any differently with different spinning techniques. The first half is on my wheel right now, and I’m spinning it from end to end and chain-plying it. Once I’m done, I’ll spin the second half divided into thirds and plied as a traditional chain-ply yarn.

handspun swatching

I even did a little test skein to make sure my singles were about right in terms of size and twist.

new handspun!

I’m really, really excited about this project. I’m about 70% done the singles for my chain-plied skein, and they have been so fun. The colour progressions are neat to watch, as they’re not completely predictable, and this fiber spins beautifully without any pre-drafting. I’m really hopeful that I’ll be able to get a couple of skeins of handspun sock yarn out of this, in colours that I love.


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    knottygnome 27 May, 2014

    I did something like that awhile back with some CMF superwash merino. i made one sock that was 3ply and one that was chain-plied. oddly enough they actually wore out at the same rate. i miss those socks.

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    Stitched Together 28 May, 2014

    What a great experiment. I can’t wait to see the results. I’m planning on spinning for socks for the Tour de Fleece this Summer, because I have never tried it and it will be a real challenge for me.

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    Word Lily 31 May, 2014

    Sounds fun!

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