tour de fleece: week 3

Posting about the end of my Tour spinning got away from me, but I promise, I had a good excuse.

Anyway, where were we – I think the last spinning I shared was the end of Day 13/July 18th. I finished spinning my braid of ITW Polwarth over the next few days.

Tour de Fleece Day 15

All of my singles were ready for plying by Day 16 – a pretty quick turnaround for me on fine singles, and I spent most of my spinning time that day plying. I ended up with some really pretty fingering-weight yarn.

Tour de Fleece Plying

Which looked even prettier once I washed it and skeined it.

I spun this as a ‘traditional’ three ply – so, I split the braid in thirds, and spun each as a single, then plied them together. I had hoped to have divided the braid well enough that all of the singles would line up, and I’d preserve the colour progression through the skein.

Unfortunately, I did a really good job of making two of my sections equal (they were within 2g of each other in weight) and the third was a little bit lighter (37g versus 41g and 39g) and that ended up making a big difference. Everything lined up for the first few metres, and then started to separate. You can see there’s a lot of barberpoled sections – those are all because of the single from the smallest bit of fiber. You can sort of see in the photos, but for most of the barberpoling two of the plies are the same colour and the third is different – by the end of plying, it was off by almost a full colour repeat!

I chain-plied the leftover singles from the remaining bobbin into a little mini-skein.

Tour de Fleece Day 16

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with this yarn – it’s nice yardage (about 300m total) and I managed to account for the Polwarth “poof” effect and still get fingering-weight yarn, which I’m not always the best at.

Tour de Fleece Day 16

Indigodragonfly Fiber Club Stash

I spent the last few days of the Tour working away at some Indigodragonfly club yarn that’s been waiting in my stash. I didn’t get too far, because I only had time to spin about 20 min a day, but I still spun every day of the Tour, which I’m pretty proud of.

The last few days of my Tour spinning got a little sidetracked both by life, and by the fact that I had to travel over the last weekend – because I had a chance to go to Dye Camp!! It was a really amazing experience, and I can’t wait to share all of the pretty things I made.

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