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This is turning into such a spinning blog! I’ve been keeping up with my daily spinning for the Tour, but over this period I usually try to spin at least 30 minutes a day, instead of just spinning daily. I can only sustain a pace like that for a few weeks – I like working on too many other things to use all of my creative time for my wheel – but when so many other people are spinning the same amount, it’s fun to join in!

TDF Day 7

TDF Day 7

I spent a few days working on this braid of BFL, in “Eureka,” from the Into The Whirled club. I had high hopes to spin this as a 3-ply and end up with a lovely, barberpoled fingering-weight yarn with lots of yardage.

I ended up with 200yd of DK weight, instead. While not exactly what I wanted, it is pretty, and I think will make a lovely pair of mittens, or part of a sweater.

Into The Whirled

The other nice thing about ‘failing’ a little at my “Eureka” braid, is that it set me up really nicely to spin my next braid. This is the current spin on my wheel – “Captain Tightpants,” which I have been saving in my stash for about a year, now. It’s also BFL from Into The Whirled. Because I’d just finished spinning a yarn that was the wrong weight, I was able to correct and spin singles that were much, much finer.


This braid is taking much longer to spin, but I feel more hopeful that the finished yarn will turn out to be the weight I’m hoping for.

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    Word Lily 17 July, 2015

    I’m also at the point where everything I hope to spin still comes out heavier than what I wanted. Sigh. Pretty yarns, though!

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