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the opposite of a clever title.

I’ve had a bit of a stressful week – I’ve been studying since Saturday for the exam I wrote this morning, and around Wednesday my kitchen sink broke in a truly spectacular way.

So I’ve been knitting, lots and lots. Not on my friend’s scarf, because that’s in the bag I keep for knitting at school, and I’ve been working at home. Instead, I’ve been working on the sweater I started weeks ago – the one that I’m designing myself. It’s been on hold for a bit, I wanted to make sure that I sat down and had a plan before I started knitting the body, but I think I’ve got it worked out.


Anyway. The plumber has come and gone, and (hopefully) my kitchen sink is working. My future plans include washing three days of dirty dishes, so that I can sit by the window with my feet on the radiator and knit some more.

she likes, she likes to be

So, one of the things I did while I was recovering from my wisdom tooth extraction, besides finish my fabulous purple socks, was finish up a major project for school that involved setting out a plan for the entire year. In the spirit of planning, this is one of those entries where I sit down and collect my thoughts and plot out all of the knitting I’d like to get done before the new year. (I’m also taking in the new Forever the Sickest Kids EP, The Weekend: Friday. It’s delightful.)

First up are these, which need to be Christmas presents for my parents. My mom picked out the skeins of Lorna’s Laces herself, and I’m really excited to make something that I know she’ll appreciate – she is the best kind of knitwear recipient, she wears everything I make for her all the time. My dad is also getting some vastly more sedate socks (because “he already has a hat and a scarf” – the idea of multiples is completely foreign to him), in a pattern I have yet to pick out. Something straightforward and manly – maybe the Boyfriend Socks.


The next is the knitting I thought I’d get done while I was recovering from my surgery. I bought a skein of the much discussed Dream in Colour Starry at knit night a couple of weeks ago, and planned to make a pair of incredibly awesome, sparkly stockinette socks.

My creation

The sock yarn, you see, has glitter in it. And anyone who knows me even a little should be pretty clear about my feelings on glitter. However, now that I’m lucid and still haven’t had the time to even wind it into a ball, I’m thinking I want to do something a little more special with this yarn. I mean, I still want socks. And possibly all I want is some very tall socks, because I plan to use absolutely every scrap of this yarn. But I am going to need to sit down and do some sketching and figure out how, exactly to maximize this stuff, because it’s a treat for me and I’m probably not going to work with it very often.

The last thing in the works is my sweater, the one I’ve been talking up for weeks without actually knitting. I’m pretty confident about the plan I’ve got for it now, and after finishing the first sleeve I’ve cast on for the body.


(Am I the only one who loves taking photos of notes about knitting? There’s something in it that just feels very artistic and satisfying to me.)

Song of the Entry: Forever the Sickest Kids – She Likes (Bittersweet Love)

dreaming ’bout brand new spaces and brand new faces

I have a bit of a mishmash of things to talk about, today. First of all, this sleeve.


It rose from the ashes of the sweater I started a few weeks ago, which I worked on for a solid eight or nine inches of body before I decided that really, it wasn’t going to look that good on me at all. I was so confident that I didn’t even take a picture – I just gave up, frogged, and drew a whole bunch of sketches. So, now I’m making up a sweater from scratch. (Give or take. I have an EZ book and a couple of tutorials that I’m hoping will guide me.)

I’ve also started a sock. This one is purple,, and really that’s the only exciting thing it’s got going for it. The yarn is (more) Tanis Fiber Arts, and at this point my affection for her yarn is probably starting to seem a little creepy, except that, okay. So, remember all of this wool, the sock yarn I bought that was going to be a pair of stripey socks and maybe an Ulmus?

I was really excited about it, and took it everywhere I went, and knit three-quarters of a pair of lovely striped socks, and then. Uh. Possibly I left it in class in a bag (with my spare Addi and a couple of spare sets of sock needles) and have yet to track it down. Possibly it has disappeared into the ether, forever. I’m still kind of in mourning.

So, when I was at the Creativ Festival a couple of weekends ago, I picked up some more yarn at the Purple Purl booth (a skein of sock yarn and a Fiddlehead Mitten Kit), and I’m making myself a new pair of socks that I definitely, definitely, for suresies won’t lose.


They’re purple.

Song of the Entry: Michael Bernard Fitzgerald – Brand New Spaces (Watch/Listen to the best music video ever.)