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playing catch-up: tour de fleece

I thought I’d do a bit of a round-up of my spinning, which has been a huge force in my creative life this year. I’ve completed some big projects that I’m really, really proud of, and I think they’re worth sharing.

I’m going to start with the easy stuff: my Tour de Fleece spinning. Obviously, most of this is from July, but some was finished pretty recently, so I thought it’d be good to share. When the Tour was coming around, I realized that I had a bit of a club finer backlog. I spent most of the spring working on a pound of white fluff, which meant that my club packages didn’t get spun at all. I decided to join up Team Into The Whirled for the third year running, and worked on getting some of my Fluff Stash into Yarn Stash.

ITW 24 1/2 Century

Colourway: “24 1/2 Century” on Falkland
Stats: fingering weight, 348m/111g

Colourway: “Mud Bogs and Moonshine” on Corriedale
Stats: closer to sport weight, 240m/118g

My last spin started during the TdF, but due to a variety of circumstances I had to put it on hold for most of August, and actually just finished it this month. I started a fairly ambitious spin near the end of the Tour, mostly because I just wanted to get it started and was excited about sharing it. I’d been planning some kind of combo spin for a while, and inspired by [TKbrenboone]’s magnificent spinning, decided on a three-ply gradient.

ITW TDF Combo Spin

The way this works is: one starts with two colour ways, and splits each into six. Then, spin four three-ply skeins with gradually shifting proportions of each colour way. So if one is A and the other is B, the skeins would go: AAA, AAB, ABB, BBB.

This is “Stay Shiny” and “Captain Tightpants,” both on merino/nylon.

Keep your tightpants shiny

Stats: light sport weight/heavy fingering-ish weight (16wpi), 3-ply. Total yardage of all four skeins is 594m/234g.

I’m really into this last batch, and curious about how it’s going to knit up – I think it’ll end up quite muted and “muddy,” with some subtle colour changes, which might lend itself well to a fairly plain shawl or scarf, or maybe a sweater yoke.