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work-in-progress on a thursday

Well. I’m all settled in my new undisclosed less-urban location. It’s a little farther out of the city, which means that when the city gets a little snow, we get a lot of snow. There was a big storm the day before I went up and another yesterday, so now things mostly look like this.

a wee bit of weather

Which really just makes me want to curl up with a big cup of tea and make things. Obviously, work prevents me from doing that as much as I’m in the mood for, but I have been making some progress on a few of my longer-term projects.

Spinning progress

I’ve moved onto the second colourway in my Riverside three-colour top. It feels like it’s taking ages, especially compared to my last spinning project. This is partly because I have more fiber – 121g instead of 98g – and partly because I am spinning way finer singles. I’m hoping to make a three-ply that’s fingering weight, so these babies are teeny-tiny.

I do notice that the spinning is going a lot faster now that I’ve switched to the colourway that has a lot of blue in it. I wasn’t as excited about spinning the orange in the last bit of the fibre. This does not bode too well for the last third, which is screamingly red/orange, but hopefully I’ll make it through.

Spinning progress

Spinning Progress

I’m still a little unsure about how a finished yarn with this fibre is going to look. It’s either going to be a glorious riot of punchy brightness, or clown barf. I guess I’ll just have to see.

I’m also making progress on my Oolong! I finished the body up to the underarms last week, and I’m about a third of the way into my first sleeve.

Oolong sleeve progress

Not surprisingly, the sleeve is going a lot faster than the body. I’m making life difficult for myself by switching skeins every few rounds, since I’m working with hand dyed yarn. But even with that, it feels very satisfyingly portable and fast compared to the body. Hopefully I’ll get to start on the second sleeve soon!

progress (or: wip friday)

Making is continuing, and now that I don’t have my Pony Club blocks to structure me, I’m back to my usual self in terms of creating. That is: a little bit of everything, all over the place. This is clearly not the most efficient way to accomplish finished things, but it suits my whims and makes me happy. So rather than talking about finished projects, which I don’t have, I thought it would be fun to share the things-in-progress that I’m working on at the moment.

Spinning in progress

My spinning is continuing apace. This is some really interesting fibre from Riverside Studio via my LYS. It’s non-superwash merino, which looked like it was all one colourway in the braid.

When I opened it up, though, I found this, instead.

Riverside Studios

Riverside studios

Three 35g lots of three different colourways that coordinated together. They’re totally gorgeous, even if it wasn’t what I expected, so I’m going with it. My plan is to spin each colourway individually and ply together into a (hopefully) fingering-ish weight three-ply.

I am also stitching away on my Woodland Sampler, which I decided to restart on fabric that was the right size. When I started my original, I stitched the frames first, and discovered that the fabric I thought was 20″ square was in fact barely 18. The finished height of the sampler is 17″, and I was cutting it really finely in terms of having enough extra border fabric to finish the finished piece. I managed to stitch through about two ‘months’ before I finally gave in to the fact that I really wasn’t stitching on the right size fabric, and that I had to start over.

So, I’m calling my first attempt a learning experience, and beginning again with fabric that is definitely the right size.

Woodland Sampler 2

And of course, I am still knitting. Mostly, I’m knitting on the body of my Oolong, which has now hit the “every time I pick up this sweater, time stops” stage. I only have an inch to go before I set it aside to make sleeves, which I think will be an excellent change of pace.


for later, more spinning

I am actually doing lots of other crafting – specifically, working on my Oolong and some cross stitchery – but this is done, so it gets to go first.

Learning from my last spinning project, and moving towards being able to spin a fingering-weight yarn that would be sturdy enough for socks, I started on some new fluff.


This is Tanis Fiber Arts superwash merino, from an etsy sale at least two, if not three years ago. It is from the Deep Stash, and now seemed like a good time to pull it out and play with it.

I started by splitting it in half to make two skeins, and preparing each to try for a fingering-weight two ply. I also tried to divide the colour as for a fractal spun yarn. I did a few very short test singles and test-plied them, to be sure I was in the ballpark of fingering-weight yarn before I spun the rest of the fiber.

Spinning log

I have been using a notebook as a spinning log, which mostly contains scintillating entries such as “Spun 10 minutes before work. Made more singles.” But it has been really useful for reminding myself of things that worked and didn’t work, and things that I need to keep in mind. For this fiber, it was just about adding way, way more twist than I was used to. I did this partly by setting my Sidekick to use the smallest possible whorl, and partly with lots and lots of reminders to myself.

All this left me with singles for each skein that looked something like these.

Woodstock singles

I plied them together as a two-ply – again using way more twist than I thought I needed. Looking at the final yarn, I think I could still have put a bit more energy into my singles and been fine, but I haven’t worked with the yarn yet to know for sure.

This worked out to about 375m/98g of fingering-weight yarn (14wpi), which I am pretty proud of.




It does feel a bit fatter than my commercially-spun sock yarns, so I might knit it up on slightly larger needles – maybe 2.75mm – just in case. It’s next up once I finish my current socks.