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so this is the new year.

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all – and by that I mean the entire internet – rang it in with some style. I spent mine hanging out with rad people and eating delicious cheese, which the way most things should be, I think.

I ended up going back to my parents’ place out west for the end of December, which was delightful, and leaving my camera in my apartment here, which was less delightful. 2009 marked the first year I actually did a lot of Christmas gift knitting – I enjoyed it because I like giving people I love the things that I’ve made, but I didn’t enjoy the way it made crafting sort of stressful. I don’t think I’ll be doing it again.

Did you know that it’s possible to knit a pair of size 9 men’s socks in four days? Totally unrelatedly. Because I sure didn’t. (I also – honestly, I did not realize that actual people had feet that big. I finished a sock, matched it up to the measurements I had, and did not believe it would fit a real person.)


The only pair I have a picture of is my mother’s pair, because I. . .may or may not have had to finish them on the flight home. I mailed them back to her yesterday. I know they’ll fit, and I know she loves them – all the important stuff – but I still feel a bit like the Worst Firstborn Ever for not finishing her Christmas present until five days later.

I also did a little bit of knitting-related shopping, while I was away.


Five skeins of Custom Woolen Mills mule spinner 2-ply. It’s a light worsted/sport weight yarn, and really sheepy. I have about enough to make a sweater, but I might turn it into a blanket or something in the outerwear family. (It’s not the softest against bare skin, and I tend to wear my sweaters with short-sleeved shirts.) This yarn does, however, have the distinction of being spun in Alberta, which frankly appeals to my sense of whimsy just enough that it was worth it.

Oh, yeah. And then some of this may have snuck into my basket. Whatever.


Mini-Maiden, 500ish yards of wool-silk laceweight that I just want to rub against my cheek like a crazy person. It’s going to be rad.

Song of the Entry: Death Cab for Cutie – The New Year (Video)

she likes, she likes to be

So, one of the things I did while I was recovering from my wisdom tooth extraction, besides finish my fabulous purple socks, was finish up a major project for school that involved setting out a plan for the entire year. In the spirit of planning, this is one of those entries where I sit down and collect my thoughts and plot out all of the knitting I’d like to get done before the new year. (I’m also taking in the new Forever the Sickest Kids EP, The Weekend: Friday. It’s delightful.)

First up are these, which need to be Christmas presents for my parents. My mom picked out the skeins of Lorna’s Laces herself, and I’m really excited to make something that I know she’ll appreciate – she is the best kind of knitwear recipient, she wears everything I make for her all the time. My dad is also getting some vastly more sedate socks (because “he already has a hat and a scarf” – the idea of multiples is completely foreign to him), in a pattern I have yet to pick out. Something straightforward and manly – maybe the Boyfriend Socks.


The next is the knitting I thought I’d get done while I was recovering from my surgery. I bought a skein of the much discussed Dream in Colour Starry at knit night a couple of weeks ago, and planned to make a pair of incredibly awesome, sparkly stockinette socks.

My creation

The sock yarn, you see, has glitter in it. And anyone who knows me even a little should be pretty clear about my feelings on glitter. However, now that I’m lucid and still haven’t had the time to even wind it into a ball, I’m thinking I want to do something a little more special with this yarn. I mean, I still want socks. And possibly all I want is some very tall socks, because I plan to use absolutely every scrap of this yarn. But I am going to need to sit down and do some sketching and figure out how, exactly to maximize this stuff, because it’s a treat for me and I’m probably not going to work with it very often.

The last thing in the works is my sweater, the one I’ve been talking up for weeks without actually knitting. I’m pretty confident about the plan I’ve got for it now, and after finishing the first sleeve I’ve cast on for the body.


(Am I the only one who loves taking photos of notes about knitting? There’s something in it that just feels very artistic and satisfying to me.)

Song of the Entry: Forever the Sickest Kids – She Likes (Bittersweet Love)