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i knitted you a hat all blue and gold

I don’t know if you guys have heard, but it was very, very cold here this weekend. Fortunately, I had the luxury of staying in and not accomplishing much, so I sat around with a few episodes of Lost Girl (so Canadian, trashy as only a show about sexy urban fantasy can be, so addictive) and made stuff.

1. I made this big orange thing, which I will blog about soon. It’s currently in my sink, getting a bath.


2. I worked on my Fiddlehead mittens. I actuallly finished most of the fairisle knitting for these mitts over the Christmas holidays, but I forgot to blog about any of it. They’re from a Tanis Fiber Arts kit I bought in the summer of 2009, in the Shadow/Deep Sea/Peacock/Seabreeze/Spearmit/Buttercup colourway. They got put aside for a while in my stash, and then for a while in my unfinished knitting pile.

This is in part because I am lazy, and in part because I occasionally need practical motivation to make stuff. (This may also fall under “I’m lazy,” it’s not totally clear.) But, the thing is, until recently, I already had a pair of mittens. My Bella’s Mittens from 2009 have lived in my coat pockets pretty much since then, and I loved them. They were purple. They kept my hands warm.

And then, on Friday, I lost them. I don’t know where or how. In fact, I spent most of the weekend thinking I’d just left them in my locker at work, but when I got there yesterday morning, I realized they really had disappeared.

Apparently, “my hands are cold” is the kind of motivation I need to finish a new pair of fancy mittens. Who knew.


They’re not totally done – the second mitten needs a bath and an inner mitten – but they’re more than halfway there.

Following advice from pretty much everyone on Ravelry, I knit the inner mitt quite a bit smaller than the pattern recommended. I ended up going down a needle size (from 3.75mm to 3.5mm) and decreasing to 45 stitches around. I also worked the hand and thumb decreases as the outer mittens. They fit into the outer mitts perfectly.

Hopefully soon, my hands won’t be so cold.


all good things (all good things)

While my Featherweight is quietly draining my will to knit (I’ve picked up for the collar! Each row is 1201703284 stitches! Only twelve rows left?), I’ve also been working on something else that’s a little easier on my sanity.

I like to have two projects on the go, during the school year – one to knit at home that’s a little more complicated and maybe a little less portable, and another that’s very plain and quite portable to knit at school. (I’m in a position where knitting during my lectures. It’s absolutely wonderful.)


This is the project I started for school, and it’s been going so quickly – although, as is the nature of triangular shawls, it goes slower the closer I get to finishing.

Still, I’m finding myself very satisfied with this project. The pattern is Daybreak, and I’m working it up in the Koigu I mentioned a couple of entries ago, and everything about it just seems shiny and awesome. The stripes are addicting! The slipped stitches totally mesmerize me! The colour scheme is the same as everything else I’ve ever knit, but that’s okay because it’s going to get worn as a scarf, and it has to match my wardrobe!

Exclamation point!

Song of the Entry: The Weepies – All Good Things (Listen)

“a new max wicked food product that lives where xtreme meets blue”


Just in case you all thought I’d forgotten about this (“this” being, of course, my Featherweight Cardigan), I have not. It’s been with me to three different provinces and countless knit nights, and I doubt it’s any exaggeration to say that it’s the bane of my knitting existence right now. If it wasn’t for the fact that I really, really, really wanted the sweater this is going to be, I’d probably have quit weeks ago.


Mostly, the issue I’m having is that laceweight is – I don’t know if you guys know this – really little yarn. The 4mm needles mean I’m progressing, and I’m actually pretty close to most of the way done, which is exciting. (I have to finish that second sleeve, and then pick up and knit the collar.) But it still feels like this sweater is taking me years.


The next project I start is going to be made from bulky weight yarn with massive needles. Whatever.

Song of the Entry: Great Big Sea – Trois Navires de Ble (Listen)