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fo: daybreak shawl


This shawl, like a lot of things I’ve knit this year, has been an instructive exercise in the power of blocking. You may recall how scrunched and curled this looked when it came off the needles? I blocked it, and now it looks like this.


Pattern: a very truncated version of Daybreak, which was super fun to knit – the stripes and slipped stitches are just enough to keep the stockinette interesting, and the extra increases make this a perfect shawl to wear as a scarf, with the way it curves.
Yarn: Koigu KPPPM, 2 skeins – one in grey, one in turquoise.
Needles: I used my 4mm Addi Lace circular, because I didn’t own the size called for in the pattern. It was close enough.

I modified the pattern a bit, mostly to allow for the fact that I really didn’t want to buy extra skeins of yarn, even though the yardage that I had was much less than what was called for to knit the smallest size. I worked fewer stripe repeats (nine stripes of each) and striped the garter rows at the end. I ended up having a bit of the turquoise left over, but I used up the charcoal almost entirely, and I’m a big fan of the way the finished product turned out. The other change I made was to switch the M1R and M1Ls at the very end of each row with yarnovers, to make sure that the edge was nice and stretchy.


Because I worked the whole thing on a slightly larger needle and blocked it pretty fiercely, the finished shawl actually a perfect size – just big enough to wear as a scarf, over a t-shirt with jeans, and just in time. Fall is actually starting to settle in (finally), and I can’t wait to wear everything I’ve knit this summer with my new fall wardrobe.

all good things (all good things)

While my Featherweight is quietly draining my will to knit (I’ve picked up for the collar! Each row is 1201703284 stitches! Only twelve rows left?), I’ve also been working on something else that’s a little easier on my sanity.

I like to have two projects on the go, during the school year – one to knit at home that’s a little more complicated and maybe a little less portable, and another that’s very plain and quite portable to knit at school. (I’m in a position where knitting during my lectures. It’s absolutely wonderful.)


This is the project I started for school, and it’s been going so quickly – although, as is the nature of triangular shawls, it goes slower the closer I get to finishing.

Still, I’m finding myself very satisfied with this project. The pattern is Daybreak, and I’m working it up in the Koigu I mentioned a couple of entries ago, and everything about it just seems shiny and awesome. The stripes are addicting! The slipped stitches totally mesmerize me! The colour scheme is the same as everything else I’ve ever knit, but that’s okay because it’s going to get worn as a scarf, and it has to match my wardrobe!

Exclamation point!

Song of the Entry: The Weepies – All Good Things (Listen)

let's have some fun

IMG_8100ps, originally uploaded by pirateygoodness.

The one drawback to knitting socks is that really, once you get past the initial “this weird tube thing is going to be socks,” there is not a lot to blog about until you’ve actually turned them into socks.

I’m not quite there yet, but I’m close – ready to bind off at the top, at least. I’m knitting these with an afterthought heel, because I have many ambitions but short-rowing two socks at once is not one of them. It’s actually my favourite kind of heel, I think it makes the socks look really polished and neat, and I’m really stoked about being able to get both out of the way at once. This technique is exactly what I needed to actually be able to work on socks.


The Koigu is, of course, pooling terribly, but I’m not surprised. I think it’s something about the size of my feet, but every variegated yarn I’ve ever used just turns into diagonal stripes when I knit it into socks for myself. Oh well.

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