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sippin strawberry daquiris and twiddling our thumbs 'till we grow old

So I’m in Halifax right now, relaxing on my generous, benevolent host’s couch while he’s at work. Since my last entry I have, in fact, started and finished an entire Ishbel, which for the record is the single fastest shawl in the entire world. (Although being trapped with it on an train for 30 hours may have had something to do with how quickly it seemed to go by.) Anyway. It’s done, and I’ve actually started a second one (out of yarn from The Loop! I love The Loop!) but I don’t have my camera cable with me, so I can’t show you how pretty and finished it is until next week.

I can, however, talk about other things I want to be knitting in the future.

Project Wishlist 09, originally uploaded by pirateygoodness.

1. IMG_7448, Bella’s mittens. I’m not really much of a Twilight fan, but I love horseshoe cables. 2. Print ‘o the Wave – Body Lace, Print ‘O’ The Wave Stole. This is something I’ve already started, and I think I can finish it by Christmas. Hopefully. 3. Tomten Detail, Adult Tomten Jacket. This is what I want to do with all of that Eco Wool I bought a few weeks ago: lots of cozy, sheepy garter stitch. 4. Chevalier-mittens, Chevalier Mittens. I’m really just in the mood to knit some chunky, cabley mittens this winter, and this pair and the Bellas are both in the running.

Also on the wishlist, but not pictured because I have my own patterns in mind, I’d like to make myself a giant, hideous tea cozy (for my teapot, obviously) and gift-knit a pair of flip-top mittens for my dad for Christmas.

Oh, and because I know lots of you are the kinds of people who might think this is cool: Cylon-themed desktop icons. You’re welcome.

Song of the Entry: The Boy Least Likely To – Rock Upon A Porch With You (Listen)